On-Site Rug Cleaning

Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning offers its own 1,000 square foot rug cleaning facility as an option for cleaning rugs. Customers can drop off their rugs or have them picked up from their home, both for free. Our facility is located in the same building as its offices, so customers have the opportunity to meet our staff. Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning's facility is big enough to handle up to 20 rugs a day. Each rug receives the same amount of attention no matter their size or value. This is because we always have technicians on-site with extensive knowledge on fibers and solutions working on rugs, making them as clean as possible.

Cleaning and Drying

First thing we do is vacuum all dry soil before getting it wet in order to avoid resurfacing. After that we begin the steam cleaning process to extract all other soils. Our facility uses a pressure and heating system to make the water hot and strong enough for best results. After that we begin working manually on removing any remaining stains, spots, and bad odor. We use the proper non-toxic solutions and enzymes to treat these issues, such as pets, urine, feces/poop, food, beverages, or blood. Once the rug is completely clean we immediately begin the drying process. Each rug is put onto our hanging rack, with multiple fans blowing on them, allowing every last area of the rug to be exposed to air. Our facility is extremely efficient, because instead of laying them on the ground, we suspend them on the rack that can hold up to 12-14 rugs at once. This allows us to dry so many rugs within hours, especially with a dehumidifier on at all times sucking out additional moisture. No one else in West Los Angeles can dry rugs like this. Our process applies to all types of rugs.


Once your rug is completely dry, we inspect it one more time to make sure stains/spots and odor is treated as best as possible. Then we roll it up, tie it into place, and hermetically seal it in plastic wrap. We will contact you once your rug is ready to be picked up or delivered.

If you have a question that wasn't addressed, please refer to our FAQ.