Upholstery Cleaning

Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning understands that furniture is the most delicate and among the most important type of items in your home. We have been cleaning upholstery effectively and properly since we first started and hold a very high standard with our process. We use a similar machine and process as we do for carpet and rug cleaning but with little differences that make huge differences in the result. Since most type of upholstery is natural, we take extra special care in the process.

The Process

From synthetics like rayon to naturals like cotton, Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning  knows how to properly clean each type of fabric and weave. We offer a non-toxic steam cleaning solution for upholstery like we use for carpets, but with a thinner wand that won't agitate the fabric as aggressively. First we lightly apply preconditioner on the surface of the upholstery and removable surfaces, like cushions or pillows. Then we use our steam cleaning machine that disperses hot steamed deodorizer into the fabric in order to deodorize it and extract more debris. This substance is sprayed through a wand that also acts as a vacuum that sucks out all the contaminants in the form of moisture. We also offer a dry cleaning alternative machine if you only want to sanitize your upholstery.